Thursday, 15 March 2012

Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions
Answer the following in about 50 words each.
(a) What are the applications of nanotechnology?
(b) What is ‘Dog Whistle Politics’?
(c) When and where was ‘Al Qaeda’ born?
(d) Who is known as ‘Deep Throat’ and why?
(e) Write a short note on ‘Deep Impact Mission’.
(f) Write a short note on ‘Bharat Nirman’.
(g) Describe Twenty20—the New Mode of Cricket.

(a) Nanotechnology Applications: Nano-technology is still in the stage of infancy and it was during the past five years that this new field has emerged as an important area. Nanotubes and nanofibres are two applications of nanotechnology which are used in manufacturing of batteries and production of anti-scratch plastics. It also has wide applications in biotechnology.

(b) Dog Whistle Politics: An Australian concept, Dog Whistle Politics refers to describe high-pitched political message that incites a receptive audience but is unintelligible to rest of the people. Coined in the year 1997 in Australia, the concept is also being used in the U.K. Such political message would be understood by the desired audience, but would not be understood by the rest, as in case of an ultrasonic whistle heard by a dog while being inaudible to the humans around him. It, thus, refers to an election campaign message that will not cause general offence but contains a coded message to which sympathetic voters would respond.

(c) Al Qaeda: Al Qaeda is a multi-national terrorist organisation with a worldwide presence. The outfit was set up by Osama bin Laden in the Middle East in late eighties to bring together the Arabs who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. Its announced goal is to encourage all the Muslims to overthrow non-Islamic regimes and to kill US citizens—civilian or military—and their allies everywhere in the world. The USA and Israel have been targeting Al Qaeda and its activists under their anti-terrorist operations.

(d) Deep Throat: ‘Deep Throat’ is the pseudonym that was given to a secret source who leaked the information about the involvement of the then U.S. President Richard Nixon’s administration in the happenings that came to be known as Watergate Scandal in the year 1974. “Deep Throat” was an important source for two reporters of the Washington Post, named Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who together wrote a series of articles exposing the misdeeds of Nixon administration. It was recently, after more than three decades of the mystery about the identity of Deep Throat that William Mark Felt, a former Associate Director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealed his identity in a Vanity Fair Article that he was ‘Deep Throat’. Woodward and Bernstein also confirmed that Felt was the mysterious Watergate source known as ‘Deep Throat’.

(e) Deep Impact Mission: Deep Impact Mission was a space mission planned and executed by NASA (USA) which has resulted in finding water ice on the comet Tempel 1. This was the first time that ice was detected on the nucleus or solid body of a comet. The flyby spacecraft impacted the comet in July 2005 and excavated the material from its nucleus.

(f) Bharat Nirman: Bharat Nirman is a rural infrastructure development project launched by the UPA government in 2004-05. One of the most ambitious programmes of its type, Rs 1,74,000 crore would be spent under this project to improve rural irrigation, rural roads, rural housing, rural drinking water, rural electrification and telephone connectivity in the rural areas, between the period from 2005-06 to 2009. Targets under this programme include plans to bring one crore hectare land under assured irrigation, road connectivity to all villages with a population of 1000, construction of additional 60 lakh houses for the rural houseless poor, providing potable drinking water to the remaining 74,000 villages, electrification of 1,25,000 villages and providing telephone connectivity to the remaining 66,822 villages in the country.

(g) Twenty20—the New Mode of Cricket: After the introduction of One Day Internationals (ODIs) to make the game of cricket more interesting about four decades ago, a new mode of cricket, called Twenty20 cricket, has been introduced in the recent years. This is even shorter version of the game in which both the teams bowl and bat only for twenty overs each. The aim is to bring more crowds into the cricket grounds, particularly the women and childre

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