Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Politics of Development

Politics of Development
The best way to inspire and involve the Indian youth in making India an upcoming economic power is for all political parties to engage themselves in politics of development. In your well-considered opinion what measures should be adopted to achieve the goal.

Needless to reiterate and reaffirm that India needs politics of development rather than the politics of polemics and populism. More than ever before, both people and political parties should see to it that they work for harmony and not for acrimony among people professing different faiths and practising varied ways of conduct and character in their day to day lives. No other concern and consideration should weigh on the perceptions and priorities of politicians, programmers and planners, except those that enhance developmental activities in all walks of life and ultimately help improve quality of life of those subsisting at the lowest levels of our socio-economic ladder. It is time now that political parties of every hue and hype focused their manifestos, programmes and policies on developmental vision and pragmatic approach and action to achieve the goals of social
justice. There is no denying that the most effective measure in this direction is the involvement of youth in developmental activities and a harmonious harnessing of their youthful energies and enthusiasm. For this to happen on the ground, we, as an upcoming nation, need to orient ourselves towards development, whether on farms or in factories, on technologies or service sectors, et al.

In order to make the best use of resources, both human and natural, all political parties must converge on developmental politics, because without development we cannot hope to engage our youth in constructive and creative activities, nor can we envisage a situation in future when poverty would be a thing of the past. It is true that barring a few examples, we do not have many icons among our political parties. The youth needs role models that only politicians can provide, because they wield power and affect people and their proclivities in large measure. Political parties should visualise a situation in future where our burgeoning youth should see an imprint of great leaders in every action.

It goes without saying that people’s ethos, values and character are crucial factors that determine whether the country will move forward on a progressive path or stagnate. The education system, along with many other channels and sources of knowledge, must concentrate on cultivating in every citizen a sense of eternal values, as well as instilling discipline among them. The media, too, as partner in national development, should celebrate the success of the people and become an invigorating instrument of inspiring the youth by highlighting the best and the most unique among those who shine like stars in the firmament of our political spectrum.

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